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We don’t need to explain why tires and suspension are important in keeping your vehicle moving. Rotating your vehicle tires at regular intervals balances the wear on the treads and extends their life. Maintaining the suspension can greatly improve the quality and smoothness of your vehicle’s motion. 

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How often should tires be rotated?

Tires have a lifespan of about 6 to 10 years depending on the quality and manufacturer. Tire rotations are recommended to extend the longevity of the tire and to even out the wear on the treads. If your vehicle is front-wheel drive, then the front tires will wear faster than the rear tires, and vice-versa for rear-wheel drive vehicles. When the tread on the tires wears down unevenly it can cause unnecessary noise and vibrations and could affect the performance of your vehicle. Tire rotations are recommended with oil changes, every 6 months or every 6,000 to 10,000 miles.

At the very least you should have your tires rotated once a year to maintain quality of performance. Contact the experts at WashGuys Auto Center & Lube in The Colony, Texas for your next rotation.

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