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The electrical system in your vehicle doesn’t just control your windows, locks and battery; it also controls the functions of your engine and transmission, along with many other components throughout the vehicle. Keeping your electrical system in great working condition is important for any vehicle. 

So, if your vehicle is stalling, having trouble starting, or the windows aren’t rolling as well as they should be, then it might be time to call the experts at WashGuys Auto Center & Lube.

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Is it safe to jump-start a battery?

Make sure to check your owner’s manual for the proper procedure to jump-start a battery, for either your car or someone else’s. It is possible to damage either vehicle if not done correctly. Check that both batteries have the same voltage and don’t mix up the polarities – positive to positive and negative to negative. DO NOT attach the negative cable to the negative terminal of the weak battery; attach it instead to something metal, as attaching directly to the terminal could cause the battery to explode. Also, definitely DO NOT let the leads touch any other engine components because they may not have the proper diode protection and could cause a malfunction.

Whether your battery needs the jump-start, or you are trying to be helpful to another person, always use safety precautions. If you need the battery charged, cleaned or replaced, call WashGuys Auto Center & Lube in The Colony, Texas.

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